Short stories in the genre Teen Romance

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A high school girl raised to question history is disappointed by her crush, who has bought into the one-sided truths presented in school.

A Black teenager falls in love with a Muslim girl at a high school competition, only to meet her again in college and find that she has changed.

Two young Mormons go on a mission to bring people to the Church. While one of the boys is determined to convert enough people to make district leader, his partner lacks confidence and persuasiveness.

A sixteen-year-old girl spends a summer reading on a swing, dodging the expectations and pressures from her mother, father, and best friend.

Afraid of judgment, two high school girls who have turned from friends to lovers debate whether or not to go to prom as a couple.

In a far dystopian future, a girl happily living on an island of floating garbage is ostracized after destroying the only chance for her people to find dry land.

In a remote Mexican village, two teenagers find solace in each other’s company after they both experience setbacks that threaten their dreams.

A teenage boy in Alabama monitors the water near his father's marina for signs of oil in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon leak — and also falls in love with a girl who works for his father.

Two minority students in a predominantly white and Christian high school kindle an unexpected relationship after they discover that they share a mutual bully.

In the fantasy land of Silendar, a young girl is shunned by the village and spends most of her days at her home. Through a small hole in the wall that surrounds her family grounds, the girl makes her first friend with a teenage boy from the village who has a similar situation to hers.