Short stories in the genre Bildungsroman

Bildungsroman categorizes stories that include a protagonist growing physically, emotionally, psychologically, and more throughout the story during pivotal formative years. This is also known as a "Coming-of-Age" story.

Listing 23 stories.

A girl raised on a farm by a strict Christian mother decides to indulge in her curiously and approaches a young farmhand, despite her mother's warnings that all men are sinful.

Four teenage girls live in a small town in Saskatchewan where their family has been for generations. They are caught between a father who wants to leave and a mother whose iron will keeps her rooted to her hometown.

A man reminisces on his youth working as a bartender in New York, 1969. He's stressed about money and the cook in the bar gets him into drugs, to which his girlfriend is opposed.

Two jobless Harvard graduates who mostly read Marx and do acid reckon with the changing times since their days of revelry at university.

During the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, a young boy is left alone so his family can be treated in their town’s makeshift hospital. The boy tries his best to hold down the fort and prove his manhood, though the people around him make it more difficult than he expected.

Young woman recounts her childhood growing up in China in the 1970s and meeting the old maid that the village has ostracized, this encounter forever changes her.

A young boy comes of age in front of a television screen playing monster movies in 1970s America.

A young boy stays with his mother and their slaves at a farm in the Deep South, while his father and brother fight as Confederate soldiers. When Union soliders show up for a meal, the boy confronts the humanity of the enemy.

A boy’s relationship with his uncle and the concept of death changes as he witnesses the mysteriously consecutive deaths of his uncle’s caddies.

When a Cuban American high schooler decides to attend college out-of-state, she must confront her ambiguous feelings about her family, hometown, and identity from a distance over the next several years.