Short stories tagged with Xenophobia

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A newscaster recently arrived in space receives ominous advice from a jaded engineer: whatever you do, leave space because getting attracted to aliens will be the death of us all.

A father who watches his Portuguese neighbors become blessed by material gifts after the death of their father contemplates his own uselessness and begins to believe that his family would be better off without him.

In between worrying about the street explosions that have been wracking her wealthy New York neighborhood and grieving her late husband, a white landlord begins to suspect that her Asian second-floor tenant is building a bomb.

A man of mysterious origins comes under suspicion in a French village when the outbreak of WWII throws his allegiance into question and a death occurs on the grounds of his hotel.

An American expat who lives in Rome struggles to understand his adopted country, especially the Italian language. When he finally finds the right teacher, he is overjoyed, but her unique personal life quickly pervades their lessons and confounds their rapport.

A girl find herself ostracized from her wealthy, notorious Virginia family on account of her different appearance and demeanor. What must she do to earn her grandmother's respect?

On the evening of D-Day, a Welsh bartender endures emotional whiplash and xenophobia as friends and foes alike assail her from all sides.

Against the backdrop of an unspeakable tragedy, a woman contemplates leaving her cruel husband in a bar on the last day of their vacation in 1950s Mexico. Unfulfilled desire and rising dissatisfaction consume her as she considers what she really wants from her life.