Short stories tagged with Toxic Relationship

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A college girl becomes her professor's mistress and moves into his home with his wife and children. After she becomes pregnant, the wife is pushed to make a tragic decision to escape her crumbling marriage and protect the young new mother.

In a near future where vampires have taken over the Earth, a young woman who has ingratiated herself into vampire society struggles to remember what it means to be human. Vampires have taken over the earth and keep humans in camps to feed off of. A young human woman tries to become a vampire herself.

A writer moves from Chicago to an Oregon beach town to improve her tempestuous relationship with her recovering addict boyfriend but finds their romance endangered more than ever — only this time, it's her fault.

A middle-aged man’s trip into the Irish countryside causes him to reflect on the dreams he gave up for his now-failing marriage.

When her beloved mule goes missing, a young woman in rural Texas struggles with her marriage and the dreams she long ago gave up on.

An American in Germany stays at a men's hostel while undergoing expensive medical treatment and falls into despair as he waits for his despondent girlfriend to arrive.

A seventeen-year-old student meets an older man on the street and agrees to go on a date with him, only to find out that he is only interested in her because she resembles his dead lover.