Short stories tagged with Homeless

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A homosexual military sergeant, with no use for his money after his parent’s estrangement, attempts to support the destitute family of a soldier just shipped off to Iraq.

A motley crew of hobos jump between trains and travel through various towns in search of jobs and learn the importance of companionship amidst hardships.

A former cop is framed by law enforcement for a crime he didn’t commit and works to unravel the reason behind this error.

In Paraguay, following the end of the Stroessner dictatorship, a young man strikes a friendship of sorts with a sensational local mystic who writes letters from the ghosts of a person's past.

A homeless Native American man goes on a journey to get one thousand dollars in order to buy back his grandma's regalia.

An eighteen-year-old boy who has recently run away from home is picked up by a friendly couple, but the man who rescued him soon has a big request.

A young news reporter writes about a peculiar man in his mid-50s who is impoverished and suffers from a chronic illness — but when the man is accused of lying, the news reporter must decide whether to continue reporting the ill man's story or to accept that his claims are false.