Short stories tagged with Gritty

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After watching a cattle drive on the Great Plains, a cow tells her young a grim tale of the cattle who get sent to factories to be slaughtered and the one cow who escaped.

A drug-addled hitchhiker takes a ride with a family. Their car gets in a collision, and the hitchhiker wanders around the scene, unwilling and unable to help.

In a 1950s mining community in the western United States, death and suicide are common. A body is found in a burnt cabin, and everyone suspects it was suicide, but the truth is much more insidious.

An American army photographer stationed in South Korea after the Korean War armistice agreement is assigned to a special reconnaissance unit investigating fuel pipeline robberies. However, recurring dream haunts him as he seeks to discover a secret known only by his fellow soldiers.

A young college professor wishes to introduce his girlfriend to his family in rural Colorado, but after he ignores her hesitancies with the hope that everything will turn out fine, it quickly becomes clear that everything is all but fine.

When all the able-bodied men of a small town in Oregon get sent to the war front in Iraq, two teenage boys are left behind. They vent their frustration, seek revenge on those who have wronged them, and ultimately grow up to be like their fathers, despite their fathers' absence.

In a world populated by beings who can cause earthquakes and kill with the power of stone and metal, a young girl seeks revenge on the man who destroyed her city.

On an East Coast highway, four truckers get in a terrible car accident. Unable to rescue the injured driver, one of the truckers fires his gun in a mercy killing, then must suffer the consequences.

A self-proclaimed death collector travels through time to find and record small but noteworthy moments of death, such as the 1960 murder of a movie star in Mexico City.

An evil spirit ravages the community and a voodou Bokor must hunt it down and use magic to trick the freed monster into believing that it is still a slave.