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In modern-day China, a man previously accused of being a pedophile sets out to meet and provide support for a man whose daughter has publicly accused him of being an adulterer.

A veterinarian uncovers the ugly truth about her employer, and the lines between man, woman, and beast blur as blood spills.

During his travels in the Pacific, a young man hears tales of a great adventurer. When he returns home and relays the news to his father, he discovers a long-kept secret.

A grown woman reflects on an intense childhood friendship that drew to a close for no apparent reason. Summoned to the childhood friend's death bed and sent to fetch a priest so the old friend can confess, the woman is forced to reflect on the terrible secret - the murder of a disabled girl - that drove the pair apart.

On a cold Seattle night, deep in the heart of winter, a woman walks into a bar and finds the beautiful and animal-like woman she has been waiting for. She chases the woman into the night and finds the stranger is not what she seems—but neither is the protagonist.

A teenage girl is diagnosed with a rare disease that physically compels her to move to a city and protect it as her memory and mark on the world slowly fade away. In the city, she finds a ghost of temptation from her past that she may not be strong enough to resist.

When a prominent actor has his mind wiped and resold on the black market, a brain police officer goes undercover to find who is responsible — but in doing so, uncovers a scheme that makes her question even her own identity.

A gruesome find awakens a small-town police officer’s primal urges. When his former flame is threatened, he finds his true calling.

Deaf protagonist Janie and her controlling mother are visited by a travelling documentarian working for the WPA, who brings Janie along on his work days against her mother’s will and confides in Janie about his own mother who was deaf and killed by his abusive father. The morning after Mr. Clark’s departure, Janie finds her mother dead.

When a girl is found viciously murdered in the Rockdale High School gym, rumors circulate the small town that a teenage werewolf is the killer. The resulting confusion and panic drive a wedge between the students and their parents, who wish to curb their childrens' freedoms in the name of safety.