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In the Old West, after witnessing an elderly Chinese prospector win a fight against a couple of outlaws, a young girl forms a deep bond with him, learns that he may be a god in disguise, and must defend him when he is called to trial over his treatment of the outlaws.

A Black, transgender, college girl spends the week agonizing over cookies she’s baking to impress her dorm mates and seeks assurance from a portrait of her aunt.

A young, cynical slave girl’s murder of her owners stirs up the etherworld, leading to the birth of multiple ghosts that will change her life.

A man who was a jealous husband in his past life now inhabits the body of a parrot. His wife buys him from a pet store, and he is forced to watch her from his cage as she brings other men home, again and again.

With the help and company of her master's clerk, a young slave girl runs away; however, her search for a habitable town is long and arduous, and she slowly begins to lose hope.

An indigenous man in a South American rural town must kill a jaguar to pay off a debt, but he discovers that there is more to the beast than meets the eye.

A young girl has a frightening power that brings doom to everyone near her, but she finds kindred spirits in owls.

After two neighboring men’s wives leave them, they go on a fishing trip in the Bogs. The trip takes a turn for the worst with bad weather and the presence of an unwanted fisherman.

A trio of small people invade a man’s home and work spaces for a week, bringing non-functional TV sets in with them.