Short stories in the genre Sad Horror Story.

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A boy listens to his old friend tell a gruesome tale of his experience in the Civil War before the manโ€™s health takes a turn for the worse.

The death of a man's friend reignites his memory of the eerie history tied to a house of wonders in London.

A Trinidadian woman cursed with a cow's hoof as a foot gets joy from murdering men, but when she kills a woman disguised as a man, her curse spreads to its next victim.

A troupe of graverobbing Nigerian children weave together rich tales of their deceased victims set in America, a place full of villains.

After briefly meeting a mysterious little girl at a movie theater, a middle-aged New York City widow finds herself haunted by an inexplicable spirit.

A Filipino-American man is contacted by an old neighbor, who warns him that a ghost of their childhood may be coming for him.

A veteran tells his acquaintance about his darkest memories as a solider the Vietnam War.

A former theater worker recalls touring Ireland during a politically tumultuous time and an experience that turned him vegetarian.

A Black poet living in an old plantation house struggles to maintain control of her mind by writing the stories of her ancestors. When one of those ancestors begins possessing her and forcing her to kill as punishment, she must choose between continuing to document their stories or being silenced forever.

New in town, a young woman receives strange phone calls from a voice telling her she is going to die. When she meets the source of the voice, she is convinced that the calls were a prank until she is proven wrong in the middle of the night.