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The daughter of a recently-deceased actress discovers that the man she thinks is her father may not be—and that she might actually be the offspring of a highly acclaimed actor who just so happens to be in town.

A young Shakespearean play actor finds himself stuck in 6 million year time loop being observed by high-school aged aliens. As John relives the same morning repeatedly--one where his wife leaves him--he becomes more aware of how important connections are as time is not as infinite as he assumes.

A young girl goes through a door in her house and discovers a parallel universe — only in this world, her seemingly loving family have cruel intentions.

A man with a large birthmark on his face reflects on his life and the neighbor girl he used to know as he cleans up the garden of his family home years after his parents have passed away.

A theatre actor visits his aging father in a nursing home after speaking out about the Vietnam War.

A former theater worker recalls touring Ireland during a politically tumultuous time and an experience that turned him vegetarian.

A young actor tours for two months with a legendary troupe through the Andes, and continues to reflect on it nine years later.

In pre-WWII Paris, a mixed-race, lesbian girl works for room and board in a grotesque theater following her single mother's death. The lead actress, a sexually-submissive woman with an abusive boyfriend, takes her under her wing; however, she proves emotionally manipulative as the girl falls in love with her.