Short stories in the genre Marriage Drama

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When you live 55 miles from the nearest gas pump, no one can hear the screams.

A former stableboy set to marry the wealthy daughter of the proprietress defies his future-wife's wishes to turn him into a gentleman and returns to his horses.

The wife of a poet documents her marriage of five years as it tumultuously unravels during one summer in Maine.

A woman leaves her daughter behind to start a new life with her husband and sons. She begins to hang around her sister-in-law's store, but a customer's request tests their friendship.

A woman falls in love with a fisherman she hates, but he hates and loves her as well. Endeavoring into a marriage that baffles all, the couple tries to make their toxic love work.

A man fishing on a bridge speaks to a farmer who is waiting by the road to see his wife and the man his wife left him for drive by. When the two arrive, the man abandons the wife and so does the farmer, leaving the fisherman to comfort her.

A disenchanted couple moves from the country to the city. As they engage with an inside joke that once kept them closely together, it incites an exasperated conversation about long-accumulated problems.

On the train ride to their honeymoon, young newlyweds bicker over inconsequential issues that appear as though will never be resolved.

A mormon missionary amongst indegenous people surrouding Salt Lake City practices plural marriage and takes two native girls for wives, leading to decades of strife after things don't go according to plan.

A drug counselor grows anxious about leaving her career in New York City and moving upstate, where she will dedicate herself to her partner and daughter.