Short stories in the genre Ghost Story

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Two characters who are unknowingly tied up in the pursuit of the same businessman find themselves in rural Japan, hunted by supernatural forces.

Haunted by the ghost of his aunt's unfaithful husband, a university professor in California watches two married students that he is fond of go through a divorce.

When his neighbor dies, a 12-year-old Black boy takes over her house, only to find himself at the center of a war between rival gangs and an uncontrollable hustle.

An African American cowherder struggles to make it in the lawless wild west despite facing discrimination at every turn. When his cattle herd becomes cursed by a vengeful Desert Judge, he's finally met a foe he can't outwit.

An airport shop cashier sees the shoes of a ghost in the deserted terminal during her shift. She is haunted by the decaying figure during each of her shifts and even after she decides to leave.

In an attempt to mend her family's generational trauma, a young Black girl embarks on a four-day therapeutic retreat that will end in reconnecting with their enslaved ancestors.

After sending her grandson off to war, an old woman helps the ghosts of past battles on their way to help America in the new war, World War I.

A woman hides from a hurricane in her home as her loved ones who have died pass through her house with haunting reminders of their deaths.

A man, who gives his wife space by revisiting the seaside bed and breakfast from his childhood, becomes part of a murder investigation and is intrigued by a mysterious woman.

The biggest drunk on Division Street is finally ready to tell his story, tracing his path from innocent boy to troubled adult in a ghostly tale of drinks and devils.