Short stories in the genre Gay Romance

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A waitress struggling to pay her college tuition sleeps with a wealthy middle aged woman, who introduces her to a life of pitiful pretentiousness.

A man visits his girlfriend in the countryside and begins to realize that she loves someone else.

Two "straight" young men are hired for the summer to look after sheep on Brokeback Mountain; alone together, they fall into a sensual and secret romance that they never forget and can never quite leave behind. Over the next twenty years, although their careers and families threaten to separate them, they find ways to reunite.

An American man travels to Peru, where he impregnates a woman who works at a local café.

A decorated commander of an intergalactic space race embarks on a mission to rescue crewmates overcome by enemy forces, but when his cover is blown, he realizes that someone must be a double agent.

A black teenage boy experiences a brief and fragile relationship with his Mexican neighbor who recently migrated to the U.S. As two boys who explore their sexuality together, they find solace in their simple yet intimate experiences despite struggles at home with parents.

Two male Nazi engineers hide their illicit romance while at work aboard the Hindenburg in 1937. En route to New York, one of the engineer’s flirtations with a female passenger leads to tragic misunderstandings and a tragic end.

A teenage boy searches a bookstore for the perfect gay romance novel, learning an important lesson about literary representation.

A heartbroken man remembers his ex-lover while reading about the dramatic end to the relationship between two famous poets and listening to his favorite musician.