Short stories in the genre Detective Story

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A cancer-ridden homicide detective in his sixties tries to pin down Kansas City’s latest murderer before he’s forced to retire.

Three women are murdered. After they become the talk of the town, everyone speculates about what happened to them, and the police investigating the case receive one false piece of evidence after another another.

A 7 year boy disappears and his best friend confesses to his murder. The police begin an investigation that leads them down a mysterious path.

Before his presidency, Theodore Roosevelt is hired by the British to solve the identity of Jack the Ripper.

On a present-day Native American reservation, a tribal judge investigates the robbery of an elderly man’s stolen fiddle. In the process, they uncover the fiddle's mythical origin story.

After a falling out with his government agent brother, Sherlock Holmes confides in Watson about a confidential government program that abuses advanced cyber-technology to retain innocent minors.

A young detective is sent to photograph a cold case crime scene where he unravels the mystery by chance.

Human detectives work to solve the mystery of who killed a human woman at an Earth-based alien embassy. They soon realize that human methods of solving mysteries come into conflict with the social customs of the aliens.

An ex-wrestler with anger issues commits murder for a woman who his detective friend suspects is a con artist. An ex-wrestler commits murder for a woman who turns out to be a con artist, and it's up to his detective friend to track her down.