Short stories in the genre Bodily Horror

Listing 15 stories.

Several mysterious deaths occur in a large house. When the crime scene investigator visits the scene, he becomes drawn to the perpetrator of the crime: the house itself.

A young woman wakes up hungover, next to a stranger in a bed that isn't hers the morning after a night out, covered in blood with no memory of what happened.

In a dystopian society where select boys are surgically mutilated and used as economic tools, a teenager helps track down and capture one of the boys who recently escaped from captivity. Though his goal is to return the escapee to the wealthy creator of these boys, the teenager soon begins to question the entire premise of their society.

When a teacher with the power to lock evil spirits into concrete forms accidentally manifests a spirit in the form of a nest of bees who see the teacher as their queen, she must use her status to protect her beloved students.

A man dismisses his mentally-ill wife’s worries over the frequent appearances of skinned rabbit corpses in their yard until she suddenly goes missing.

In a futuristic world, a disgruntled person dying from a flesh-eating sickness has to rely on their robot to eat their diseased flesh. However, as the robot begins to act sentient and take on their appearance, the person fears the robot has other intentions.

A man adopts a cage full of insects that engage in ritual war against each other and soon comes to be their god. When he begins to act cruelly against them as a corrupt exploration of his own power, the insects escape and begin a killing spree.

When a mysterious woman enters her life and her pesky groundhog problem refuses to go away, an Indigenous woman begins to look for clues to explain the strange and unnerving things that are happening around her. As she does, she discovers a terrifying secret about the land on which she lives, and watches as her past, present, and future collide.

A couple aboard their pleasure yacht on the Amazon River begins to experience the strangest sense of déjà vu, noticing from the quality of the food and their memories of previous days on the ship that their actions seem to repeat.

Abandoned by her father, a young anorexic girl grows jealous of her best friend, who's father loves her so much he cuts away pieces of her. The girl wants nothing more than to inhabit her best friend's life, but she must pay a heavy price to replace her.