Short stories by E. Lily Yu

E. Lily Yu is the author of On Fragile Waves, published in 2021, and the librettist of Stars Between, with composer Steven K. Tran, for the Seattle Opera's 2021 Jane Lang Creation Lab. She received the Artist Trust LaSalle Storyteller Award in 2017 and the Astounding Award for Best New Writer in 2012. More than thirty of her stories have appeared in venues from McSweeney's to, as well as twelve best-of-the-year anthologies, and have been finalists for the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards.

Listing 8 stories.

In a futuristic surveillance state in the near future, a young man's lover gets admitted to a high security prison and he attempts to use music to save her. Unfortunately, he barters for her life—which has been downloaded on a drive—only to discover the file has been erased by a nefarious hologram.

In a world populated by monsters of various shapes and sizes, a small monster escapes from its hungry parent only to be feasted upon by other predatory creatures. When the small monster meets a friend that teaches it about the transformative power of art, it gives the monster confidence to finally fight back.

In modern-day China, a cohort of wasps skilled in cartography establishes a new colony, exercising their suppressive rule over a local beehive. One anarchist bee makes inroads into the wasp colony, setting in motion a subversion of the wasp monarchy and a new, pioneering generation of anarchist bees.

After her grandmother—her last living relative—dies, a poor young Chinese girl in a small village that treats her cruelly finds hope in a unique flower. Ultimately, her deepest untold desires are granted.

After looking into her lover's eyes and seeing an inexplicable malice, a girl in an ambiguous Scandinavian world sets off on a quest to confront the Devil about the quotidian evil he unleashed into the world.

Fleeing from a queen who intends to kill her, a female-identifying prince takes refuge in the Valley of Wounded Deer and learns to accept her death. Upon her return to the castle, she finds that her allies have other plans in mind.

When an alien spaceship lands on Earth in need of help, leaders of countries around the world help and house them, causing tension between humans and these costly guests.

A supernatural tailor grants the emperor tighter control of his subjects through the power of fashion.