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Torn between the demands of being a mother, keeping a home, and working a job as a prison officer, a woman struggles to make ends meet.

A young boy tries to figure out why his father wakes up in the middle of the night to sit in their dark kitchen, alone with his thoughts.

A maid in New York City catches stray bits and pieces of her customers’ lives as they waltz in and out of her dressing room at a nightclub.

A shopkeeper learns that a mysterious woman is throwing rent parties that leave its guests unnaturally unencumbered and, after some convincing, the shopkeeper sheds her worries too.

A mother comes home from the park one day and tells her husband she was followed by a strange young boy in a green hat. The husband does not fully believe his wife because of her past bouts of paranoia, so he decides to investigate.

In the near future, the elements are attuned to the truth in one’s words: when one lies they are drenched in a sudden, chilling downpour; a half-truth brings about humidity; uttering a paradox results in an overpowering sense of dread, which relents only when one says an unequivocal truth; telling a powerful truth suffuses one with warmth and the sensation of a spring breeze. A young, gay, Chinese-American man navigates the coming out conversation with his immigrant parents while being honest throughout.