Short stories tagged with Racial Tension.

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Blood, sweat and castrating broncos. A white East Coaster doesn’t know what life is like for Wyoming cowboys and part-Indians until he’s lived it for one day.

A woman is responsible for finding telepathic children finds herself at a crossroads when her former employers are after her.

In a lawless America triggered by a government insurrection, a tribe of vagabond minority teenagers stumble upon a town controlled by a White supremacist militia who eats non-White people and must rescue the captives before it's too late.

Two women are both brought together and separated by race throughout the course of their lives in this chronicle of a complicated friendship.

A young black man struggles to survive basic training for the Army, as his superiors torment him and he is constantly punished for misbehaving.

An overwhelmed mother in New York City hires a strange night nurse who has a sinister plan to relieve her of her troubles.

A lonely elderly woman approaches a nomadic spiritual woman and seeks advice regarding her young maid, from whom the elderly woman feels suddenly distant.

A mathematic equation is developed that has the ability to solve the issues in human's lives, but those who can use the equation to help others must first learn to deal with their own lives.