Short stories tagged with Innocence

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A young boy, who is still unaware of his future in which his mother dies and he becomes a miserable, unaccomplished middle-aged man, lives through an ever-so-slightly unusual day which would later become the one and only core memory he has of his mother.

An afternoon at the park takes an unexpected turn for a mother and her son as the well-established families that they admire turn out to be unhappy people who secretly enjoy the misery of others. As the day progresses, the mother is surprised to learn that she and her son share many negative qualities with those families.

A young boy burns with childish attraction for his mother's beautiful friend, but finds that a single mistake could ruin everything he imagined between them.

A man recalls his time in a mental health facility, focusing on a friend who made all the patients' lives happier through his radiant positivity.

When a black teenage girl at a private school gets invited to a party by a wealthy white student, she struggles to navigate the divide between their world and her own.

Having been hospitalized for a long time, a young girl finds herself surrounded by people who cannot understand the strangeness of her illness. After her friend visits her, she must accept that her relationships may never be the same, and that her expectations that tether her to a life outside of the hospital may be very different from the disappointing reality.

A little girl sits down by her dying grandmother’s bedside to receive an important warning about how she should live her life with the knowledge that death will come to her, too.

In the midst of World War II, a mother is forced to chaperone some young girls and witnesses the effect of the war in unexpected places.

A mother and her three children discuss what to do (in the hours after?) after the father leaves (and they aren't sure if he'll come back. something like that).

A man takes his niece to the circus, hoping her sense of wonder will help him feel young again; however, a tragic accident leaves him haunted by the experience.