Short stories in the genre Urban Fantasy

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A vampire living in NYC as a human, with a wife and son, is tempted to kill once more. After he refrains, his vampire-hunter wife, always ready to kill him if he kills a human, encourages him to be his truer self in other ways that will make him a better father for his son.

In an alternate America where demon hunting is part of the gig industry, a freelance slayer confronts their biggest foe yet. Help from a local hunter coven might be useful, but will they pride their independence too much to accept?

A woman living and fishing in the mangroves of Southeast Asia finds a wounded mermaid with a face almost identical to her own. She attempts to rescue and protect the mermaid from her ex-lover, a merchant who is seeking mermaids to cut off their tails for a profit. Despite her intense attraction and total submission to the powerful merchant woman, the fisherwoman finds herself going to desperate measures to keep the mermaid from her inevitable suffering at the hands of the woman she once loved.

A woman waiting tables on her twentieth birthday has a strange interaction with the owner of the restaurant who says that he may grant her one wish.

A mysterious man treks into a quaint English village, where he stays the night with a couple and learns the town’s strange history surrounding mummification and entombment, as well as its local legend of a black dog that kills any person who sees it.

A young woman wants to run away from her supernatural forest home and go with her boyfriend to the City. However, her grandmother forbids it as she worries the woman will lose the connection to herself and their spiritual powers.

Dermot, a being with an insatiable hunger but a controlled demeanor, works with police to find and kill predators, like himself, who are ravaging the city.

A former dog-sled racer becomes the prey of a cult called 'The Hunt.' He flees to his friend's cabin across the country, where he contemplates how his past choices brought him face-to-face with demonic beings.

A young woman attending a party with her obscure boyfriend is a witness to a dire cosmic event that thrusts her into a new, desolate existence.

A black woman has learned to use the police force's human-eating dragons against them by feeding them collard greens.