Short stories in the genre Slice of Life

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Two American friends escape their vacation in Paris to the French countryside, enjoying a day of fresh air until a Russian waiter and an Austrian remind them of the horrors of war.

A young Black girl confronts her overbearing mother's poverty and her lack of a father when she is coerced into attending a program intended to make her a "professional" member of society who can break the cycle of poverty.

A man recounts his life experience in New York, covering the various people near and dear to him, as well as the growth of the city itself.

After a month of preparing, a couple finally picks the perfect day to go see the baby kangaroo at the zoo, only to greet the day with argument and thoughts of potential disappointment.

A judge notorious for his harsh rulings finds himself conflicted when his beloved daughter begs him to save her criminal husband.

A man working at a home for disabled folks reflects on a day in his life.

A young boy befriends an older woman, much to his parents’ disapproval, and they enjoy each other’s company until her fateful departure from town.

An initially unwanted infestation fosters understanding between a woman and the cockroaches in her house.

A young anarchist woman married to a man with the same political views navigates the complexities of religion and forbidden attraction as she watches her friends' marriage collapse due to the wife's conversion to Christianity.

An attorney in Mississippi investigates a recent death case, finding a backstabbing and money-driven scheme behind it.