Short stories in the genre Literary Contemporary

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After her identical twin goes missing in a small, suburban town, a sixteen-year-old girl reflects on her parents' crumbling marriage and muddles through life without her other half.

A lonely young boy navigates his sexually-frustrated mother and closeted gay father's unhappy marriage.

After kicking her husband out and changing the locks, a mother imagines he is still living with her, distant and uninterested in sex. Lying in bed, she conjures up old memories and imagines new ones, grappling with questions of selfhood, identity, womanhood, and motherhood. One night, her real husband returns, and she lets him back in.

A Native American ex-convict finally lands a job at a doughnut shop, but a betrayal by a co-worker leads him to consider whether or not the job is worth the discrimination.

A 39-year-old war veteran returns to live with his mother after his wife kicks him out for domestic abuse. Suffering from what his mother believes is PTSD, the man becomes increasingly anxious and bitter. When the cops come looking for him for one of an assorted range of former crimes, a string of events ends with him shooting at the house of his grocery-store crush and running into the woods.

A chance encounter with an old ex-girlfriend causes a man to remember his past relationship with her and with his cousin, who immigrated from Korea to America to live with his family as a small child. Though she died in a motorcycle accident years ago, when his ex-girlfriend asks how she's doing he lies, creating the life she never had in his imagination.

When a boy visits his father, he watches his uncle’s animosity toward his cousin escalate to dangerous heights.

A Filipina nanny working for a white family in the United States saves coins with the child to take him to visit her home in the Philippines. When the bank rejects their painstakingly-collected pennies, she teaches him a lesson about anger and optimism.

In Iowa, a young Black man goes to a party where he meets a host of artist types who cause him to reflect on how people relate to each other.

A young librarian with two dead parents moves across the country and meets an idealistic but shallow man. When their relationship falls apart, he urges her to give more of herself to the community, ignorant of the ways in which she's had to give so much away already.