Short stories in the genre Historical/Contemporary?

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A teacher on the Lower East side meets a friendly man with a presence resembling a dead English poet.

A young girl from a family of migrant workers in California is invited to her wealthier school friend's birthday party.

A young woman who is overweight explores her sexuality by dating many different men, but when a photographer falls in love with her and wants to keep her body to himself, he develops an extreme and dangerous jealousy.

A father who watches his Portuguese neighbors become blessed by material gifts after the death of their father contemplates his own uselessness and begins to believe that his family would be better off without him.

A woman tries to convince her husband to quit his exhausting job as a traveling salesman. She reflects on the impossibility of having everything that she wants.

A teenage boy follows in the footsteps of his favorite teacher and leaves his small, rural community to attend a faraway college. However, a chance encounter with an old man makes him remember the value of nostalgia and one's birthplace.

A man travels home with his wife and daughter to visits his mother. When he develops an unwanted, unintentional attraction towards his mother's maid, he slips into intense reflection on the nature of gender and life itself.

A woman and the female captain her husband used to sail with begin a bitter feud. But when the woman embarrasses the captain in front of the whole town, she seeks revenge in a clever way.