Short stories in the genre Fairy Tale.

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When a village's beloved schoolteacher disappears just as mysteriously as she arrived an entire century earlier, the townspeople are left to contend with her legacy and lessons.

Half-human, half-swan, a young boy tries to find a way to become whole again. Half-human, half-swan, a young boy is ridiculed by everyone he meets.

On a ship journeying from earth to a post-apocalyptic world, a young mother gives birth to a daughter with white fur. The mother, who's been having strange dreams about a bear prince, wonders if her child's unique appearance is related to these visions.

Asked by his therapist to tell a fable, a man recounts his unenchanting life as a lawyer married to a depressed, drug-abusing woman, with a disabled son he's struggling to raise. By filling his unremarkable story with sorceresses, magic, and true love, he attempts to romanticize a life he's desperate to escape.

A mysterious force controls the white room, where famed princesses and fairytale characters are forced to fight for their survival - but the ending is never satisfying.

Fed up with her creepy, controlling stepfather, a teenaged girl named Hazel goes against his rules and meets up with her old boyfriend. However, when they get lost and have to go to a strange house to look for help, they stumble upon a dangerous secret that puts them both in grave danger.

A young witch's apprentice brings her crush along with her to harvest pixies, making him swear to not get into trouble. He crosses the wrong rules. As they fall deeper in love, they wander closer to peril.

An eerie description of characteristic fairy tale elements and how they are embodied in characters.

A dwarfish wizard learns how to spin straw into gold to help the miller's daughter out of the kindness of his heart. But then he realizes her situation might be the way to get what he's always wanted—a child.

When a mother of three children visits her home country of South Africa for Christmas, her depression at how her life has failed her renders her neglectful, putting both her eldest child and sister in irreparable danger.