Short stories honored by FIYAH Collection

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In an alternate America where demon hunting is part of the gig industry, a freelance slayer confronts their biggest foe yet. Help from a local hunter coven might be useful, but will they pride their independence too much to accept?

In New Orleans, two sisters survive Hurricane Katrina, but one is left unalterably damaged by the storm.

After listening to advice from a psychic, a struggling artist visits her aunt with dementia and tries to understand the meaning behind her seemingly meaningless words and how they will affect her life.

A Nigerian mother's singing fends off a demonic family curse——until one day she is unable to sing any longer.

In a mythological kingdom, a woman is forced to marry the greedy king, causing the separation and imprisonment of her and her children and forcing the family to escape and reunite.

A programmer battles with a computer virus she once designed in order to take down the quantum computing business she previously built with her ex-husband.

A traumatic incident changes a boy's baby brother, straining relationships within the boy's family as a whole.

A Black, transgender, college girl spends the week agonizing over cookies she’s baking to impress her dorm mates and seeks assurance from a portrait of her aunt.

Years after the success of slave revolts in Louisiana and Haiti, a teenage girl learns the secret of a monster hidden in her mother's bedroom.

A space pilot ordered to annihilate a human colony contemplates sabotaging the mission, but the autopilot on the ship maintains the course.