Short stories tagged with Privilege

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Al Roosten, a local business owner always second-best to his competitor, Larry Donfrey, contemplates returning to an anti-drug charity event to ensure that Donfrey is able to help his disabled daughter.

In a futuristic world where hardly a trace of natural life exists untouched by human interference, a Citizen makes an unprecedented choice that brings a slew of notoriety and ethical questions.

In modern day New York City, a woman working on a movie set attracts an actor who might just give her the life of fame she's always wanted.

After Earth experiences a long and extreme drought, a privileged woman in South Africa watches as her local city bows down to a slave system that convinces people they are free.

When a Black teenage girl is groped at a club, she quickly realizes that everyone will place the blame on her. She thinks back to an old friend who was cornered in a similar situation and abandoned by everyone else.

A young woman of color at an elite boarding school turns to murder when she is constantly placed second to a mediocre, privileged white boy.

In the future, all humans must wait in an impossibly long line, where getting to the front means securing one’s future and never having to worry about money again. Waiting in the line for decades on end, the worst of humanity comes out.

A nun professor finds herself entangled in difficulties of her brilliant wealthy student's mental illness.

A Black teenager from a wealthy family spends her life being told whom she should talk to and whom she should not. When she starts to see a boy from the wrong side of town, she realizes how wrong her preconceived notions were.

After the suicide of his elderly and famous brother, an auto parts salesman recounts his brother's life and details his willingness to hurt everyone who loved him in the name of art.