Short stories tagged with Fertility.

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When a young man moves in with his pregnant girlfriend's family in the Pacific Northwest, he feels increasingly trapped by his girlfriend's secrets, her brother's drunken behavior, and the demanding land on the family's orchard.

When a talented linguist makes contact with the Martian species and is invited into their inner circle, he uncovers a culturally rich civilization in danger of going extinct.

A Russian girl looks forward to occasional visits by her mother's best friend. When the friend soon plans to visit with her new deaf and blind lover, feelings of scandal, anxiety, and curiosity emerge in the girl's family.

A young woman must repair the record-keeping AI robot she is tasked with the care of. As she sets about trying to fix the robot, she stumbles upon family secrets, leading to a series of difficult decisions.

A princess prophecied to bring about the downfall of her father, the king, must endure years of hardship and risk everything to be with her one true love.

When a Chinese immigrant mother loses her sixteen-year-old daughter to a car crash in the U.S., she and her husband illegally look for a surrogate back in China in order to have a second chance at parenthood.

On an alien world, a colony of humans has evolved to reproduce with one mother and many fathers. After delaying for years, one young woman finally chooses three fathers for her baby, but her desire for freedom draws her into the orbit of the post-human anthropologists who have come from the stars to study this quaint biological mating ritual.

A woman who was assaulted finds out she is pregnant with her rapist’s baby, and she and her husband grapple with the implications of her decision to keep it.

A middle-aged man faces a difficult decision; he can choose to use genetic alteration to have a say over the life of his unborn child, or leave the future up to chance. As he struggles to choose a path, he reconsiders his own past and the struggles he has faced.