Short stories tagged with Classical Music

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When a pianist loses her ability to play, she retreats to the run-down apartment building above Carnegie Hall.

A man attends a classical music concert and uses it as a surrealistic form of escape as he copes with the news of his mother's death.

A friend tries to fix her suburban housewife’s unfulfilling marriage by leading the charge on her friend’s unnecessary home renovation.

When a young Australian woman meets an Indian immigrant at an electronica concert in Paris, a touching one-night stand allows the pair to bond over their isolation.

As a young Japanese man reflects on significant moments in his life, a stunning musical encounter leads him on the path to self-acceptance.

In the absence of his parents, a young boy reluctantly turns to his elderly maid for help when his piano teacher starts to make inappropriate advances on him.

A virus spreads between music-playing electronic devices, pausing music across the world and playing a series of chords that awe everyone.

An American man moves to Germany and falls in love with a married Norwegian woman in his language class. Their contrasting artistic tastes foretell a fundamental rift.

A cynical flutist and his accompanist friend audition together for a talent-seeking event. After their performance falls flat, the flutist speaks with a retired famous musician whose misery makes him question his lifelong goals.

A boy impresses an eccentric music teacher with his love for music, but only one girl in his class understands that at the root of this love is his desperation to reach his absentee father.