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After a hospital nurse who is also a church sister has an argument with an atheist patient that nearly gets her fired from her job, she surprisingly convinces him to come to her church.

A young, Black woman clings desperately to a friendship and a relationship which both ended long ago. Through clashes with a "godmother" who appears as an apparition in her apartment, the woman finally resolves to move on.

When a new principal takes over and enforces discriminatory dress code policies, a Black high school junior is forced to cut off her dreadlocks. But when flowers bloom from her scalp in their place — attracting even more attention — she must find the courage to stand up for herself.

A young woman’s insatiable hunger draws her to the sea, and despite her mother's efforts fights to suppress her daughter's urges, she is increasingly unable to hide her true self.

In a segregated America at the onset of World War II, strange, explosive “stumps”—formed out of spores and resembling wooden statues of the recently deceased—have begun to appear all over cities. To neutralize and remove these stumps, a new government agency has employed a group of singers whose unique vocal resonance can turn the stumps to dust. But when the only two Black female “exterminators” in Chicago—a God-fearing goody two-shoes and a brash blues singer—uncover the agency's corrupt secrets, they decide to stage a rebellion.

In a near-future dystopian society, a Black, teenage girl determined to stay true to herself is valedictorian of her high school class; she knows success means she will be given over to an artificial intelligence-human hybrid surrounding her walled society of the last remaining humans.

A man mourns the death of his wife and celebrates the birth of his child.

A young, African-Carib girl is raised by the woman who does her father's laundry after her mother dies in childbirth. Feeling a lack of love in her life, the girl seeks to understand her relationship with her distant father and dead mother.