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After several divorces and the death of his daughter, a man receives a terminal diagnosis himself, and ends up exploiting his impending death to amuse himself. At his deathbed, however, he is granted a moment of clarity where he can finally be his true self.

A group of friends gather for a picnic, but as they over-indulge in alcohol, the picnic spirals disturbingly into near-death encounters and emotional distress.

A struggling artist hopes to revive his social relevance by making a project out of his new neighbors, but he is forced to confront his own ruination as his obsession grows and old rivals enter the scene.

A boy feels isolated from his group of friends and targets his rage towards the most popular of them all. When he realizes the extent of the influence this enemy wields, he is forced to come to terms with the hopelessness of his situation.

Reeling from his recent divorce, a man tries and fails to reason with his ex-wife. He hopes to find solace in the arms of his girlfriend, but realizes that sex will not fix the wound left by his dead marriage.

Two boys become friends after one of them displays unflinching honesty in the face of a tyrannical teacher. Ultimately, their friendship is destroyed when the same honesty robs the second boy of some of his childhood ignorance.

A rift grows between two friends as one of them pulls away to pursue a romantic relationship. The girl's actions result in the loss of the green duckboat that represented the memories they made together.

A wealthy woman's ploy to flaunt her wealth is foiled by her old friend's seeming indifference to opulence - until they part, and the friend asks for money. The afternoon is ruined when the woman realizes that her obsession with money has ruined her outlook on life.