Short stories in the genre Murder Mystery

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In a small American town, a man is accused of the murder of a young girl and is sentenced to death. There is scanty evidence to suggest that the man committed the crime, and it is up to the the townspeople and a conflicted sheriff to decide if he really is guilty.

When a low-life janitor is framed for a brutal murder, a politician and his henchmen work to solve the case themselves.

The landlord of a New York City Brownstone is murdered and through a series of overlapping anecdotes, one of his tenants claims to have solved the mystery.

A cancer-ridden homicide detective in his sixties tries to pin down Kansas City’s latest murderer before he’s forced to retire.

A young boy goes out hunting with a neighbor and a suspicious accident occurs.

A microphone operator returns to England from working on a documentary project in Greenland, only to find she has brought home the curse of the shark that killed her coworker and now endangers her son.

An attorney in Mississippi investigates a recent death case, finding a backstabbing and money-driven scheme behind it.

When a young man mistakenly becomes a vampire, he is busy worrying about how to finance eternity when he is dragged into a decades-old supernatural fight between two high school girls.

In a small town, Rhea and Rhoda, two vivacious, inseparable twins, are found brutally murdered and raped by a developmentally disabled man.

In a dystopian Toronto where genetically modified humans form the upper class, a young woman goes in search of answers after she discovers that her newly-changed friend has been murdered.