Short stories in the genre Crime

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In a small American town, a man is accused of the murder of a young girl and is sentenced to death. There is scanty evidence to suggest that the man committed the crime, and it is up to the the townspeople and a conflicted sheriff to decide if he really is guilty.

A shattered family grieves their missing infant boy's unsolved abduction, and are haunted decades following the crime.

A young man and his widowed mother move to the Midwestern countryside, where the mother runs a deadly get-rich-quick scheme.

A jaded American mercenary searches for the stepdaughter of a Mexican businessman on a remote island. After a bloody showdown with the stepdaughter's kidnappers, the mercenary finds justice and a second chance.

Stuck in a loveless marriage for over forty years, a retired couple moves into a senior living apartment with the renewed promise to work on their marriage. When the opposite turns out to be true, the elderly husband attempts to find new love with a much younger woman who isn't what she seems.

After a man shoots a masked burglar who breaks into his home and pulls a gun on him, he is left to cope with the guilt of having taken a life.

When his unstable ex girlfriend shows up on his doorstep with a kidnapped baby, a young man must decide what to do with both the baby and the woman.

A trooper in a Kentucky county recounts his early days encountering an outlaw group of little people.

A young mobster boy is brought in for questioning after he stabs an elderly man, and desperately wants to be taken seriously by the Chicago police officers.

A famous novelist drugs and kidnaps his ex-wife and former protégé. He attempts to murder her and frame another of his former protégés, a man he believes she is sleeping with.