Short stories in the genre Action.

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When a salesman runs out of gas on a road in rural Pennsylvania, he is suddenly shot at by a farmer who thinks he is in a war.

A former felon takes on the responsibility of resolving a failed weapons deal to save his brother's life. With his associations in organized crime and the FBI, he attempts to make things right once and for all by involving both groups in an unexpected master scheme.

A white teacher and her Navajo students try to protect the last eagle on their territory from a hunter in a helicopter. They end up engaging in direct combat with the helicopter, with the eagle even participating as well.

A crew on a steamboat is passed by a sailboat in the Mediterranean and seek to restore their honor by engaging in a rowing race with the crew of the sailboat.

In a futuristic lunar colony where stored memories and accessible clones ensure someone can resurrect themselves infinitely, Fox has been murdered three times. Determined to survive this time around, Fox must catch her murderer before they catch her.

Angel, a bullfighter during the Spanish Civil War, must fight a match after hearing of his brother's sudden assassination.