Short stories tagged with Open Ended.

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On their honeymoon in present-day Rome, two newlyweds encounter a rift when the wife’s demands that their in-vitro child be Jewish doesn’t sit well with her atheist husband.

When a modern man sitting in Lagos traffic receives an email from his ex-lover of lifetimes ago, he reevaluates the facts of his prosperous but ultimately empty life.

After a school shooting, a teacher and her students struggle to process the trauma and constant fear of death lurking around the corner at any moment. The presence of death looming carries over into the teacher's personal life, including her book club and the friends who attend it.

Days after announcing an invention that will change the fabric of his futuristic world, an inventor goes missing and two detectives must find out where he is and what his supposedly groundbreaking invention was.

When a perpetually unlucky Nigerian American law school dropout meets her parents’ dream son-in-law, she has to pick between finally meeting her parents’ expectations for her and retaining control over her own life, as tempestuous and miserable as it is.

After a university student returns home from to Mali to find al-Qaeda has thrown his hometown into a state of chaos and destruction, he finds himself lost in the desert, with an unpredictable technology age genie emerging from his iPad to guide him to safety.

Following a drunk driving accident that leaves his body scarred and his marriage broken, an unemployed gay man comes to the conclusion that his time in New York City is up.

After a city-slicker moves to the country to build his dream home among nature, he meets a mysterious hunter who keeps his passion going. When the hunter stops visiting, the man becomes disillusioned as he waits for his newfound friend to return.

When a pair of hitmen enter a saloon looking for their latest victim, the saloon’s staff and customers must find a way to prevent a murder from taking place.

A young women sexually exploited and harassed by a famous Hollywood director in the late 1950s seeks revenge by stealing the physical copy of the film she was in. When she flees to an old motel, the toxic mother and son who run the place make her realize she still might not be safe.