Short stories tagged with Drunk Driving

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A college student is traumatized after accidentally killing a man with his car. His feelings become complicated after he talks to the man's daughter and learns about the victim's past.

As a university professor acts as a sounding board for everyone else’s problems, her own stress mounts to a dangerous peak.

A disagreement between a cavern tour guide and his "hippie" dance-instructor wife over whether to risk growing weed in order to scrape by ends with him living alone in an RV behind his friend's house, spiraling into alcoholism.

In 1985, a New Jersey single mom navigates the struggle of discipline versus understanding as her teenage son and daughter party more and more on the weekends.

After a young girl dies trying to escape from her kidnapper, the witnesses who saw the girl in a Waffle House minutes before her death reckon with their inaction.

A bartender sleeps with a regular patron whose brother has recently passed away.

When an alcoholic-turned-family man in modern-day Cleveland has sleeping problems due to his son’s night screaming, he is haunted by his other family that he left behind a decade prior. During a nightmare about his old family, he wakes up to an even more grim reality.

Following a drunk driving accident that leaves his body scarred and his marriage broken, an unemployed gay man comes to the conclusion that his time in New York City is up.

A man's ex-boyfriend ends up in the hospital after a bad car accident and thinks back on their time together.