Short stories tagged with Car Accidents

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When a graduate student makes his way to Colorado with his recently unemployed girlfriend to visit his married friends, an alarming development in his friends’ marriage causes him to reevaluate his own relationship and, in the process, make a grave mistake.

When a human couple loses their half-human, half-centaur child, the father must put aside his pain and mother her fear in order to bring the child back to safety.

A misanthrope’s decision to ditch her donuts and weed to go exercise in the park leads her to a near-death experience.

After a young girl dies trying to escape from her kidnapper, the witnesses who saw the girl in a Waffle House minutes before her death reckon with their inaction.

Following a drunk driving accident that leaves his body scarred and his marriage broken, an unemployed gay man comes to the conclusion that his time in New York City is up.