Short stories tagged with Lesbian Relationship

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A music producer in Chicago helps her friend through heartbreak while she simultaneously examines her own ideas about love in the context of her long affair with a married man.

In a lawless America, a tribe of vagabond minority teenagers stumble upon a town controlled by a White supremacist militia that eats non-White people and must rescue the captives before it's too late.

A desperate spouse introduces her wife to a game about cat politics in hopes of helping her with her dementia. But when her wife turns out to be a prodigy at the game, she risks losing her forever to the fantastical gaming world.

A lesbian painter in the Northeastern United States evolves from the 1980s to the 2020s as she witnesses horrible tragedy, familial disapproval, and blazing-hot love.

In 1970s America, a man invites his girlfriend, his daughter, and his daughter's girlfriend to the California Sierras for a weekend. As the group skis and picnics, the man considers his relationship with each woman and wonders how they interact with each other when he is not around.

When a middle-aged lawyer in contemporary Indiana discovers that he has a powerfully sensitive palate, he suddenly finds himself with riches, fame, and a mid-life crisis.