Short stories tagged with Hospitals

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A middle aged man seeking a diagnosis for multiple sclerosis sees a friend's daughter getting a secret abortion at the hospital he is visiting.

A bipolar doctor returns to the West Coast after an extended period of practicing medicine in Africa. An unexpected hospital stay makes him remember an old promise he made to his sister.

A gay man working in a luxury fashion store in Asia prepares for the upcoming arrival of the brand’s chief designer. If everything goes right, his desired career in fashion will be set.

A 33-year-old woman living in an apocalyptic Scotland with her husband writes in her diary about the tribulations of their lives and their pilgrimage to Russia in hope of a more stable existence.

A young woman returns home from college for the first time in years to attend to her dying grandmother, whose only wish is for some homemade flan. Along the way, the young woman is forced to confront her parents' flawed relationship and the neglectful environment in which she grew up.

In mid-century, small-town Maverley, a veteran police officer meets a sheltered teenage girl who become rebellious. They remain acquaintances throughout the years, and he follows gossip about her troubled family life.

When a middle-aged woman goes on a hike with a man she is seeing, a mastiff attacks the man. The woman wonders whether the dog or the relationship itself is the bigger danger.

A bipolar screenwriter in a New York City psych ward falls in love with a depressed Yugoslavian ballerina.

A former divorcé runs into an old friend on the streets of New York City. Over a drink, the men speak about an endless cycle of generosity that the friend has wrapped himself up in, while the protagonist considers his comparatively smaller problems.

A retired pro-quarterback is controlled by his debilitating heart disease. Terrified of being trapped in his current quality of life forever, he must decide whether he should go through with a risky surgery to repair his broken and depressed heart.