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A drunkard with a habit of lying and the hope of an American dream tries to get his family out of Cuba across dangerous waters.

A Russian immigrant who lives in Cuba gets the chance to move to America with his girlfriend, and must consider the life he will leave behind.

An immigrant Russian woman gets a job teaching English classes out of a witch doctor's tiny Brooklyn office.

An employee writes a heartfelt letter to his former boss to argue that he was wrongfully fired. As he lays out his life story, his hidden cowardice and stubborn ambitions paint a different story.

A longtime dentist's receptionist accepts a dinner invitation from a new coworker and her boyfriend; as the evening unfolds, the women realize they both have traumas in their past.

A poor, ever-hopeful couple that imagines itself on the brink of a windfall suffers setback after setback, until the husband has a revelation about what in life holds real value.

A working class man who wants his children to have everything their rich friends have purchases "Semplica Girls" — girls formerly living in poverty who sign contracts to hang as ornaments in people's yards — for his older daughter's birthday. When his younger daughter frees the Semplica Girls, the family is plunged into financial disaster.