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In the 1930s, after flunking out of college, a young American man travels to Vienna where he meets a Jewish girl living on the floor below him. He returns home a few months later, but when the Nazis invade Vienna he can't help but think of the girl he once knew.

During the second World War, a fortune teller in Northern Italy discovers a headless body by the road. He investigates the murder to see if any details will also magically reveal the winning numbers of the lottery.

After a man thinks he sees his long-dead brother on the subway, he recollects their relationship to determine why he still imagines his brother as a failure rather than a hero who gave his life for his country in World War II.

Aboard a Royal Navy submarine stationed in the Indian Ocean during World War 2, a group of sailors spend most of their days writing letters. When the captain chooses to fire at enemy ships, possibly disclosing their location, the men reckon with their proximity to death.

A girl at a British airbase is bad luck: after going out with her, pilots seem to always crash and die. When a famously successful pilot shows up, the girl is drawn to him. They both want to see if they can beat the curse.