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A man in suburbia finds his neighbor nearly naked standing outside his kids' rooms. He begins to retaliate to prevent it from ever happening again.

A grieving sheriff takes it upon himself to battle the opium epidemic in his area after losing his nephew and wife to a drug dealer known only as the "hellbender."

An ex-military engineer is enthused to receive an invitation to a reunion for Desert Storm operatives, only to realize he's stumbled into an elaborate revenge plot.

In 1907, an African porter working for a British hunter starts cataloguing ogres of East Africa with the help of a woman informant. When she reveals she is an ogre herself, he must decide if he can help her fulfill her destiny.

A magical painter who can perfectly capture a subject but must destroy it in the process decides to kill and immortalize her old lover.

A boy finds a mysterious caterpillar-like creature in the forest one day. He brings it home and kills it to add to his wildlife collection, but becomes haunted by creatures he can no longer control.

A county fair performer two-timed by his acrobat lover decides he'll get his revenge in a final, deadly act.

When a posthuman 'hardshell' robot finds an injured biological human who has committed war crimes against hardshells, the hardshell's programming will not allow it to let the human come to harm, so it must use all the resources it has to find a way to bring this war criminal to justice.