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After a British teenager gets paid to kill avatars in a popular video game, she uncovers the disturbing real-world consequences of her virtual missions.

After hiring multiple caretakers, one after another, a family finds a near perfect woman whom they adore. However, they are met with a surprise when the caretaker's term comes to an end.

A Boston-based publicist believes that he has found the next hit novel and signs a deal with the author. Later, he feels betrayed upon learning that the true author of the book is less than human.

After pulling off an art heist, an experienced Boston criminal navigates trust and betrayal when it comes time to sell the stolen goods.

In a society where everyone is masked and takes on a new personality every day, an underground network seeks to return to their original identities.

In order to pay off his debts to a Chinese triad, a gambling addict is forced to work as a deliveryman for the triad leader.

After his estranged wife is murdered in a jet ski accident, a husband embarks on a journey to avenge her.

When a Virginia tree farm gardener learn that his wife is cheating on him, he must postpone the end of their marriage until after his terminally ill father-in-law dies and leaves them both a considerable inheritance.

A jaded private investigator gets hired by a powerful movie producer to locate his kidnapped wife, but the more he learns about the case, the more he begins to suspect that things aren't what they seem.