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In the near future, two Black musicians receive body modifications that give them the ability to live underwater. But their new life is threatened when violent white supremacists begin to terrorize their community.

Like many other Australians, a twenty year old autistic woman is unfairly saddled with panic-inducing amount of debt by the government. She uses the revolutionary spirit of her ancestor to embolden her to action.

A well-traveled brown-skinned man is stopped by customs upon his return to the USA and is suspected to be an enemy of the state without explanation. While being tortured and beaten, he reflects on how he ended up there in the first place.

An elderly Korean woman finds a picnic basket in the back of her recently deceased husband's closet, bringing back a flood of memories that eventually help her find closure.

A well-intentioned, if naive, British cleric is eager to educate a West African village about the benevolent power of God. But as slavers encroach, he begins to question his purpose as well as his humanity.

As an asteroid approaches to decimate Earth, a young female horticulturist remains behind to help catalogue plant species before impact. But after reflecting on her grief and connecting with another scientist, the young woman decides to remain on earth when the asteroid hits.

A school janitor contends with a boiler that starts a deadly fire in an over-crowded and neglected elementary school.

A teenage girl living in a near-future Cape Cod battles with her biology teacher over climate change. Her teacher argues that young people lack the motivation to fight climate crisis, but the girl reveals an unexpectedly deep understanding of sustainability.

When a pianist loses her ability to play, she retreats to the run-down apartment building above Carnegie Hall.

A woman on a grand jury hears the case of an older woman who was brutally raped by one of her former students. She attempts to understand the different ways the story disturbs her.