Short stories in the genre YA.

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A young girl who lives in a rural village has magical powers that allow her to change into a wolf, so she can escape the pain of human life. However, when villagers accuse her of killing farm animals in her wolf form, she has no recollection of these events and must decide if she should give up her gift.

Four teenage girls live in a small town in Saskatchewan where their family has lived for generations. They are caught between a father who wants to leave and a mother whose iron will keeps her rooted to her hometown.

A cloned teenage girl living on the moon must come to terms with her predetermined job, husband, and future.

Cursed to passively watch others rise before her, a woman finds love in the meantime as she awaits to be chosen for her family's magical inheritance. When the moment arrives, she must choose between a life with her mysterious lover or abandon her love and finally accept her most coveted desire.

A young witch's apprentice brings her crush along with her to harvest pixies, making him swear to not get into trouble. He crosses the wrong rules. As they fall deeper in love, they wander closer to peril.

An Indigenous man in a South American rural town, has to kill a jaguar to pay off a debt. However, he discovers that there is more to this jaguar than meets the eye.

A young woman recounts the time she solved a tourist's murder on her vacation to the Philippines with the help of a politically powerful human whom she develops strong feelings for.

A hair stylist mage travels north to support a huntress in a melee battle and gain sponsors for her college tuition, witnessing a world full of violence and the misappropriation of magic.

A chronically ill teenager grapples with his mother’s instability and his stepfather’s absence. Turmoil in the neighborhood sparks a sobering revelation.