Short stories in the genre Western

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In a small American town, a man is accused of the murder of a young girl and is sentenced to death. There is scanty evidence to suggest that the man committed the crime, and it is up to the the townspeople and a conflicted sheriff to decide if he really is guilty.

In the Old West, after witnessing an elderly Chinese prospector win a fight against a couple of outlaws, a young girl forms a deep bond with him, learns that he may be a god in disguise, and must defend him when he is called to trial over his treatment of the outlaws.

After watching a cattle drive on the Great Plains, a cow tells her young a grim tale of the cattle who get sent to factories to be slaughtered and the one cow who escaped.

Blood, sweat, and castrating broncos. A white East Coaster doesn’t know what life is like for Wyoming cowboys and part-Indians until he’s lived it for one day.

A group of friends experienced in river navigation brave an infamously dangerous set of rapids, though some of them are more thrill-seeking than others.

When an ex-prisoner-turned-cowboy becomes a farmhand, he forms unconventional relationships with the elderly brother and sister who own the ranch.

Sometime in the twentieth or twenty-first century, a teenage runaway finds refuge working in Wyoming for over 15 years for an older cattle rancher whose unrequited love complicates the terms of her employment.

An African American cowherder struggles to make it in the lawless wild west despite facing discrimination at every turn. When his cattle herd becomes cursed by a vengeful Desert Judge, he's finally met a foe he can't outwit.

A twentieth-century ranch caretaker in Montana finds his peace of mind disrupted when the ranch is sold to a corpulent gay Wall Street banker.

In World War II Texas, Aaron’s grandfather shelters a group of Mexican migrants in his barn. When Mr. Watts, a federal agent with ties to the clan and a mysterious past with Aaron’s mother, shows up to investigate Aaron’s grandfather, the adults are forced to reconcile the past and Aaron must piece together his family history.