Short stories in the genre Post-Apocalyptic

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After Earth experiences a long and extreme drought, a privileged woman in South Africa watches as her local city bows down to a slave system that convinces people they are free.

Humanity is gone, collectively vanished in an instant, leaving one single woman behind - or so she thinks. Then she meets the last man. Unfortunately, he's a jerk.

A young woman living in California in the near future reflects on the disasters that have destroyed most of the world around her. She finds comfort amidst the chaos through special abilities that she inherited from her ancestors.

In a desperate bid to escape abuse in the midst of a cruel post-apocalyptic world, five girls find salvation in the arms of an imagined deity.

When a washed-up, middle-aged actor famous for portraying a vampire travels to Florida to proclaim his love to his co-star and best friend, he tells a story about a haunted bungalow that causes the horrible secrets of their past to resurface.

A young man in a post-apocalyptic future embarks on a journey to take his parents' ashes to an impossible mountaintop ocean, despite tragic tales of the ill-fated travelers who made the journey before.

After a zombie epidemic destroys America, the government forces people of color into internment camps. Two young Vietnamese Americans go on a mission to liberate the camps, meeting people along the way who remind them about their hopes for the future.

In a post-apocalyptic future, a woman in prison awaits her punishment, where she will be cast out of her community and into the mysterious world above. Though she is sure the process will kill her, when her mother reminds her of the prophecy that her people will reunite with survivors in the world above, she begins to feel a glimmer of hope.

A teenage girl living on a sparse, secluded island with her siblings and father after their home was destroyed and her mother killed in a growing civil war, grows concerned about her father's erratic behavior. The girl and her siblings realize that their father's account of history may be totally wrong.

A photojournalist and a former zombie reunite on a road trip after a zombie apocalypse to prove the woman has been cured. Facing pressure from the outside world, they both realize that a fateful photo can change everything.