Short stories in the genre Political

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A government official scorns a young man, a former student of his, by coming between him and the woman he is pursuing. The young man seeks revenge, but the corruption of his country's politics brings him face to face with violence as he tries to gain political power and romantic love.

When a low-life janitor is framed for a brutal murder, a politician and his henchmen work to solve the case themselves.

An Algerian university professor and former prisoner of France struggles with the symbolic implications of getting advice from an elite French visiting professor.

A 10-year-old refugee hurdles on a ship through space and time to find another habitable planet. After six failed planets and an encounter with a ghostly redhead, she discovers that their voyage may have been damned from the start.

The standing of a Kansas City burlesque show with twisted secrets is threatened by the local political climate as police officers target the provocative business.

A Jewish communist quit working at an editorial bureau where his co-workers are bothered by his leftist ideology because of his boss' praises of him.

A nameless person, implied to be Donald Trump, reflects on how he has everything he wants but no artistic ability. He has heard that the most famous dictators of the world were all failed artists, and compares that to his own sense of shame at his lack of artistic talent.