Short stories in the genre Dark Fantasy.

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In a dystopic universe where the aristocracy rules society, a banished tailor is given the opportunity to redeem herself by fashioning a coat from the sky for a nobleman. When the project reveals the dark history of the city's stratification, she is forced to make a choice between revolution and redemption.

On a cold Seattle night, deep in the heart of winter, a woman walks into a bar and finds the beautiful and animal-like woman she has been waiting for. She chases the woman into the night and finds the stranger is not what she seems—but neither is the protagonist.

A young girl goes through a door in her house and discovers a parallel universe — only in this world, her seemingly loving family have cruel intentions.

The British discover members of an isolated tribe in the Ratnabar Islands and kidnap an Indigenous girl. However, the girl resists the British's attempts to "civilize" her.

Two brothers living in a small American town plot to overthrow their father and stop him from using dark magic to repeatedly bring people back to life. Though they are eventually successful, one son's power surprises them when it is stronger than either of the boys anticipated.

In an alternate world, a hermit staves off death by jumping from body to body. He is one of the last of his kind.

A picturesque family vacation turns dark as bodies mysteriously disappear, leaving behind only blood. It forces a father to confront nature's uncontrollable parts.