Short stories honored by Hugo Award for Best Novella

Listing 35 stories.

A teenage boy and his genetically-modified, telepathic dog struggle to survive in a wasteland that resulted from the Third World War. The pair encounters obstacles of love and bloodshed that puts their symbiotic realtionship to the test.

A young man leaves his traditional village behind to travel and work on distant planets. Throughout his interplanetary journeys, he must constantly reevaluate his understandings of truth, tradition, and love as he seeks a fulfilling life of his own, independent of what is expected from him.

The captain of the largest aircraft in history becomes a cyborg after his aircraft crashes, and he sets his sights on becoming the first man to land on Jupiter.

In the far future, an invention called "the prism" uses quantum mechanics to cause divergences in future timelines and create a means of communication across these alternate realities. Two different women explore the choices they have made in their own lives and the regrets they harbor--and have to figure out how to ultimately make peace with their decisions.

A freed slave on an alien planet reflects on the enormous societal upheavals she witnessed and led.

A young girl goes through a door in her house and discovers a parallel universe — only in this world, her seemingly loving family have cruel intentions.

In a futuristic world, one of the members of a tour group is murdered. Nobody knows who the murderer is, and as the police try to solve the case, they discover that this murderer has far more nefarious plans that can alter the world.

Two murders on Mars leave a trio of surveyors-- a man, a woman and a survival specialist--searching for answers on the mysterious planet.

In this futuristic world, an AI has been artificially creating souls and transplanting them into human bodies, thus making the majority of the human population. Fearing the AI will turn evil, a woman and her team try to convince humanity to leave the planet.

In modern-day England, an English man who works for a secret organization that deals with the occult has to stop an infestation of murderous unicorns.