Short stories honored by Hugo Award for Best Novelette.

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During the buildup to the Cuban missile crisis, a sixth-grade boy in upstate New York accidentally interrupts a mechanical man from the future on a mysterious mission to prevent nuclear annihilation. The man entrusts this mission to the boy, who learns that to save the world he must kill a US Senator.

A stint locked in the basement saves a young boy from unexpected danger. Living in his aunt's basement, a young boy imagines monsters coming to attack--until something much deadlier happens.

A dinosaur hunter explains why he will not let a potential client accompany him to the Jurassic or the Cretaceous periods with a harrowing story about a spoiled rich man.

A middle-aged man who slaughters cows for a living is visited by a bewitching female in his dreams. Days later, she turns up at his workplace as a cow waiting to be butchered.

A string of veteran suicides causes an investigation that raises more questions than answers.

In an alien world, a human city with fanatic religious beliefs expands by destroying a peaceful alien people’s religious pyramids, disbanding them. However, relics of this human god begin appearing in these alien clans, convincing the human leadership that a miracle is occurring.

A female cyborg must delve into a client's mind to rescue her partner's consciousness after a job gone wrong, but she doesn't realize that the security system inside this mind was created to be a copy of herself at her most bitter and bloodthirsty.

After being unfairly blamed for medical malpractice, a Chinese student finds success making illegal fake versions of beef.

On the planet where humans are second-class citizens to the reptilian Peshari, a man nearing his death violates Peshari funeral customs in favor of an Earth burial. His defiance reveals a fatal flaw in his enemies.

While attending a science convention in Hollywood, a physicist begins to notice similarities between quantum theory and her own life.